• the rustic urban appeal of AF7221000 vanity set from Homestore Philippines. Distressed looks combined with state-of-the-art sensor activated lighting, a full sized basin, mirror cabinet, drawer and lots of shel

  • Be more than basic. Cool and functional showerpipe systems in Stainless Steel. See them at Homestore Philippines.

  • XML4003H Basin meets QS9089 Spout.

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Appollo Massage Tub (2014-06-30)


         In the midst of summer and all throughout the year,a welcoming dip in your very own massage tub is truly worthwhile.As your body is kneaded by a mix of water injected with air,there is more to the cooling and soothing sensation that it brings.This physical well-being produced by hydrotherapy aims to improve muscle tone and mobility,lymphatic system,cleanse and condition skin and much more.
    A massage tub is not just a luxury or a decorative fixture,it is a beneficial appliance in your home that promotes health,well being and quality time.